All Australians living a fair, healthy and fulfilling life.


We are committed to driving positive social change in Australia by partnering with organisations that empower Australians to achieve the most out of life and develop a healthy, fair and innovative society.

Distinctive Approach

Drive significant impact through a very limited number of high value grants that extend over multiple years providing sustained support in building the capacity of the recipient organisation.

Strategic Themes

Advancing and Applying Knowledge to Fight Disease

  • Supporting essential medical research to find solutions for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of non-communicable diseases
  • Supporting initiatives that translate this research into clinical practice

Advancing and Applying Knowledge to Overcome Inequity through Education

  • Supporting initiatives that reverse the high level of teacher attrition
  • Supporting initiatives that deliver equitable access to education technology for all students

Advancing Regional & Rural Australia

Supporting initiatives that advance Regional & Rural Australia by:

  • Reducing inequity in comparison with urban Australia
  • Ensuring environmental sustainability
  • Building community and social cohesion