We are committed to engendering positive social change in Australia by partnering with and assisting organisations that empower Australians to achieve the most out of life and develop a healthier, more innovative and more creative society.

Distinctive Approach

Drive significant impact through a very limited number of high value grants that extend over multiple years providing sustained support in building the capacity of the recipient organisation.

Targeted Impact

To achieve our vision and mission, our grant-making will focus on three current priorities:
Healthy Ageing
Supporting essential medical research to find solutions to neurodegenerative disorders

Supporting innovative or critical projects that improve the quality of healthcare for the Aged

Youth Opportunity
Supporting translational research that improves youth mental health

Supporting education that maximises their potential

Providing opportunities for them to discover and be inspired by the Arts

Rural & Regional Vitality
Initiatives that improve local economic and social sustainability

Innovation that preserves or improves management of our natural resources

Grant partners