Subject to complying with the Foundation’s Grant Priorities and Approach, an eligible organisation’s representative is invited to contact the Foundation to discuss their project/program/research funding requirements.

Please note, the Colonial Foundation does not accept any unsolicited grant applications.

Initial emailed enquiries can be made to

Your Name & Position with your organisation
Name of organisation you are representing
Address of organisation
Contact telephone number & Email address
Funding Requested (amount) & Term (period over which funding is requested to be paid)
Brief details of Project/Program/Research (maximum of 500 words). Be succinct, and include dot points of: target cohort to benefit from project; project location; key objectives sought.

Important information


In making its assessment as to whether to grant funding, the Foundation may refer applications to an external advisory panel or other relevant expert parties in the sector for comment.

Whole or Part Projects

The Foundation may elect to provide only some of the funding for a project; for example, because the entire project does not fit within the Foundation's criteria or funding for part only is more appropriate - such as for feasibility studies, pilot studies or development stages of a project.

Amount of Funding

Full details of expenditure and funding sought must be provided. Ambit requests should not be made. The Foundation is prepared to fund operational expenses (e.g. salaries and administration costs) if these expenses form an integral part of an approved project. General capacity building of an organisation is encouraged if this is associated with the program being funded.

Changes to Policy and Guidelines

The Colonial Foundation may change its policy and guidelines at any time.