MITS offers an innovative education model to enable young Indigenous students from remote and regional communities in Australia, access to Australia’s best schools. The MITS model is the first of its kind and provides Year 7 students with a twelve-month intensive education in an environment that celebrates culture and learning, paving their way for a more successful transition into scholarship positions at high-performing Melbourne schools. MITS’s unique model recognises the innate capabilities of many young Indigenous students, the strong desire of students and their families to receive an education outside of their home community and the willingness of Melbourne schools to offer scholarship opportunities to Indigenous students.

Colonial’s funding has and will further enable the School to build capacity, particularly in the formative years of the School’s establishment. The Foundation’s support began in 2014 via a four-year grant. This was extended in 2018 with a grant of $1,350,000 over three years.

MITS have successfully leveraged this philanthropic support to obtain Federal Government funding for the construction of a new boarding school to provide accommodation for Indigenous girls while they complete their senior school studies.