Over 5.5 million Australians over 50 have poor bone health with more than 165,000 bone fractures occurring in 2018. Bone fractures are the most significant consequence of osteoporosis. Only 20% of people who come to medical attention with a ‘minimal trauma’ fracture are investigated for osteoporosis. There are effective treatment solutions available with proven evidence to reduce risk of fracture by 30-70%. However, early diagnosis osteoporosis is essential.

Healthy Bones Australia (formerly Osteoporosis Australia) is a National not-for-profit organisation aiming for stronger bones for a life without fractures. One of its key objectives is improving the diagnosis and active management of people at-risk.

The ‘Know Your Bones’ Consumer Initiative is an Australian-first initiative for fracture prevention developed by Osteoporosis Australia and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. It is an evidence-based, online consumer self-assessment tool to review risk factors for poor bone health. It summarises bone fracture risk for people aged 50 years and over with risk of fracture being assessed and reported. For users of any age the online assessment also investigates clinical and lifestyle risk factors as well as medication use. A summary report is then provided with personalised recommendations to further discuss with a general practitioner as required.

Healthy Bones Australia remains committed to driving many more Australians to the Know Your Bones tool to promote prevention and is seeking to broaden the reach of this important national initiative.

In 2019, Colonial Foundation committed to support the Know your Bones program with a $900,000 grant over the following 3 years with the objective of helping Healthy Bones Australia reach many more Australians with the Know Your Bones prevention message.