The Foundation seeks to develop partnerships with charitable organisations that are attempting to identify the ‘root causes’ of issues and seeking to develop workable solutions, rather than those that treat the ‘after effects’ of issues. We are interested in organisations that we consider to be well-placed to make an enduring or systemic positive impact in the areas of our Grant Priorities.

Organisations will be well regarded if they have demonstrated:

  • A clear vision for their organisation
  • A deep understanding of how to achieve the outcome for which they are seeking funding
  • A proven track record of achievement
  • Passionate and capable leaders

 Assessing potential new grants

In assessing potential new grants, the factors listed below will have priority consideration. We will consider the following:


  • Alignment with the Foundation’s strategy – Is the project consistent with the Foundation’s stated mission and purpose?
  • Relevance of need – How important is the issue being addressed and what is the scale of potential benefits from success? We have a strong preference to support projects that address ‘root causes’ of problems.
  • Social impact – Does the project have a likelihood of broad community benefit? We have a preference to support large-scale, early interventional programs or research, including support to organisations capable of trialling innovative strategies that have the potential to bring about major improvements in how an issue is viewed or handled.


  • Feasibility – What is the feasibility of the project and what is the likelihood of the partner organisation successfully achieving its stated objectives?
  • Growth potential – Does the project facilitate the opportunity to build the capacity of the partner organisation?
  • Sustainability – Does the project provide a ‘pathway’ to sustainability in the improvements or advancements sought?
  • Efficiency – What is cost-efficiency of running the partner organisation?


  • Influence or leverage – What is the ability to leverage other funding from the public or private sector to contribute to the sustainability of outcomes?
  • Sharing of knowledge – What is the capacity to share findings, knowledge or experience to contribute to the development and effectiveness of the sector so that others may benefit?


  • Is the organisation professionally managed?