Operational Guidelines

Initial enquiries by eligible organisations are to be made by email to the Foundation Office at  info@colonialfoundation.org.au.  


Reporting and Measurement

Any recipient of funding must agree to a regular reporting program in a format acceptable to the Foundation. Reports, or a summary, may also be included in the Foundation's Annual Review and for dissemination to interested parties.
At the time of entering into a funding agreement, the Foundation will seek to agree reporting requirements. This will include regular reporting to the Foundation, the performance measures to be used to determine the success of the project and the publication of the results of the particular project.

Advice and Review

In order to assist in driving the development of projects, the Foundation may wish to appoint an Advisory Panel of appropriate policy-makers and leaders in their fields. In addition, the Foundation may appoint a panel of experts to review projects during the term of the grant. These reviews will advise the Foundation whether grants should continue and whether any improvements or changes should be made to the particular project. Grantees are asked to participate in the review process and to comment upon recommendations made. The process is designed to be beneficial to the project being funded. The Foundation has conducted such reviews of both ORYGEN, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health and the Drugs Policy Modelling Program.